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Alpha Series Work Platform

Alpha Series Work Platform

Alpha Series Work Platform

Part #: SPUMRS-4075 / SPUMRSD-4075.2 (deployable) / SPUMAS-4095 (Alpha Bravo) / SPUMASD-4095.2 (deployable Alpha Bravo) / SPUM-4099 (Alpha Charlie)
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The Alpha Series work platform is ideal for access and maintenance of aircraft, heavy equipment, ground combat and combat support equipment, and industrial equipment. Designed with as narrow a footprint as possible, the Alpha has greater height adjustability than most stands and is the ultimate platform for versatility of configuration. The stair module can be attached in ten different positions, parallel or perpendicular to the deck, or it may be used independent of the work deck. 



  • Variable pitch staircase provides up to 3-foot height adjustability
  • Work platform and stair landing elevates completely vertically for safe and effective fit-up against objects
  • Ultimate versatility of configuration: attach stair module at any one of four locations, in ten different positions, to best utilize available floor space and minimize footprint
  • Stair module may be used independent of work deck
  • Deck modules can be pinned together for a longer work area
  • Deck and stair modules feature  instantaneous coupling with Spika’s Quick-Latch system
  • Railings attach with Spika’s Cam-Locks for quick, tool-free removal and attachment with stability that surpasses post-and-pocket designs
  • Deployable versions available


Alpha Bravo: Deck comes with sliders that extend up to 23" for perfect contour conformity

Alpha Charlie: Deck and stair modules are elevated electrically rather than with manual jackscrews; offers 30" overreach on the stair module rather than the standard 12" (read more about it here)

Watch our video demonstrating the unique features of the Alpha Charlie


Brochure of the Alpha Series Work Platform