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FenceMaster Trailer

FenceMaster Trailer

FenceMaster Trailer

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By itself, it’s just an ATV...

      With a FenceMaster, it’s indispensable

When we set out to design a better way to build and maintain livestock fence, we knew it had to meet some pretty fundamental goals: 

  • It had to be lightweight, easy to pull, and narrow as a four-wheeler, able to fit through tight spots and over steep hills.
  • It had to provide a way to keep all of the required tools, supplies, and equipment organized and in one spot to assure when you got to where you were going, you had exactly what you needed.
  • It had to be something that could be legally towed down the highway by a pickup, making it safe and easy to move from one pasture to another, then by an ATV into the places pickups dare not tread.
  • It had to be durable, built to take the abuse of bouncing over washouts, branches, and creek crossings, and doing it year after year.
  • It had to have the payload capacity to hold enough posts, rolls of wire, tools, and supplies to last for hours.
  • And it had to be versatile. It had to be able to haul things, like protein blocks or sacks of salt; irrigation supplies and tools; swather parts; pole barn construction tools and water tanks. The stuff we need to move.


The Spika FenceMaster does all of this, and more. Features include:

  • Tandem torsion axles with 6-ply rough-duty 8-1/2" wide tires
  • 1/2" thick polypropylene post trough for toughness and durability...won't rust or dent
  • Aluminum frame and storage box construction for light weight and durability
  • 3 removable roll spoolers for easy wire "stringing;" large diameter, high tension electric wire payout spinner available as well
  • Ample storage for stretchers, post drivers, chain saw, hammers, pliers,  any  tools required, plus spacious storage in weatherproof boxes and self-closing tip-out bins for staples, post clips, and other supplies
  • Optional Accessories expand the value of the FenceMaster 


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