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MT Manufacturers Eye Trade Deal
May. 12, 2015
Small rules trip up small companies in the world of foreign trade, which is why Lewistown’s Spika Manufacturing is interested in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Spika makes fine-tuned catwalks that allow technicians to work on every square inch of U.S. war craft without ever...
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Recruiting A Challenge For Montana Manufacturers
Feb. 21, 2015
In 1989, Charlie Guinn read a pamphlet from the state's Department of Commerce boasting that Montana had the best work force in the world. Guinn was already considering moving his business, Hi-Heat Industries, to Montana, and he was dubious of the Montana Department of...
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Feb. 13, 2015
By Shannon Furniss Situated in the geographic center of Montana in the midst of rolling hills, farms, and ranches is something a little unexpected:  one of the most vibrant manufacturing communities in the state. With a population of about 6,500, Lewistown,...
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Spika Welding

Designing and manufacturing the highest quality work platforms and ground support equipment in the world.

We specialize in:

  • Osha compliant fall protection to keep your technicians safe
  • Off-the-shelf aircraft maintenance stands and industrial work platforms
  • Ground support equipment that will outlast the most vigorous use
  • Custom designed work platforms and ground support equipment ideally suited for your unique needs
  • Equipment that provides more efficient throughput in your facility 

At Spika, our expert design and production team is continually innovating to provide our customers with a product and service that exceeds their expectations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority; if you're not happy, our job isn't done.

Featured Product

UH-60S Black Hawk Phase Maintenance System

Spika’s UH-60S Phase Maintenance Stand was designed with direct input from top Sikorsky maintenance facilities. Providing complete access to the aircraft, the UH-60S system features mid-ship transition decks, a one-piece tail stand ideal for tail rotor maintenance, and variable pitch stairs that naturally conform to the platform’s adjustable height. This system allows your maintenance technician to access upper-level service zones efficiently, improving overall productivity, while providing critical fall protection and assuring a safe work environment in accordance with OSHA 1910. Features Designed for use on the UH-60 Black Hawk with direct input from Sikorsky facilities System provides near-360-degree aircraft access Mid-ship transition decks may be excluded if not desired...
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